Not that I’m complaining

Drove to yoga today. 1 point for me. Hey, gimme a break – it was 28 degrees with gusty winds! No, I’m not actually complaining. Although this is wicked cold for Houston, and it’s not over as there is a decent chance of snow on Friday, I am well aware that other parts of the country are much worse. In fact, I watched Chicago’s WGN news last night just to remind me to be very, very, very thankful that I now call Houston home. Sure we had to move all our potted plants in, but we do have green plants on our patio year round. Sure we may lose some landscaping, but it’s a risk we happily take to enjoy our tropical vegetation. Sure I woke up at 4 am and couldn’t go back to sleep wondering if our pipes were freezing, but we hardly need the hot water heater in the summer as our tap water is about 80 degrees. (OK, not so sure that last one has an upside – is it really not worth it to construct our houses with plumbing to withstand a 20 hour freeze?)

So, to all my northern friends and relatives who question how I can be happy living in Houston I say, “Trust me, the winters down here are really easy to get used to.”

2 thoughts on “Not that I’m complaining

  1. Yes, you can complain. Especially since you are taking such good care of Chip. You can always read more “stuff southern people like” to warm your heart at least.

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