The Amazon Effect

I came up with an analogy for the problem I have with with people who love Amazon.

I’m not totally anti-Amazon. I really do think there’s a time and a place  for them. But many people have a choice where they spend their money and they don’t always choose wisely. Let’s see what it would look like if the tables were turned in this COMPLETELY HYPOTHETICAL scenario:

Customer walks into a small, independent bookstore in his/her neighborhood. The store owner lives in the same neighborhood. All their children go to, or have gone through, the local public schools.

Customer:  Would you be willing to donate to our PTA auction this year?

StoreOwner:  Maybe, what are you raising funds for?

C:  We want to build a new playground. With PE being cut, we want to make sure the kids can get out and really enjoy themselves during recess and get some exercise. Plus, it will be open to the public so the kids and their families can play after school hours, too.

SO:  Wow, that is such a worthwhile goal! What kind of a donation are you looking for?

C:  $50 would really help out a lot. It would also show that there is local business support behind this project.

SO:  Great! I’ll send $40 to this school in Ohio that I heard is having a similar fundraising goal. I’ll save $10 and will be supporting a great cause. Thanks so much.

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