What to do when you think you have no bloggable thoughts? Random stream of consiousness, of course!

Yes, I seem to be sputtering this week and I’m not sure why. I’m feeling a bit in between. I’m in between knitting projects, trying to decide what I really want to tackle next. Made pilgrimages to two yarn shops in the last week. May have to work in one more before I’m ready to commit. Have read three decidedly un-thoughtworthy books lately.  Will probably post them up here anyway, but I do sometimes adhere to the Bambi philosophy (if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.) I’m waiting until after bookclub  tonight in case the discussion gives me something nice to say.  I’m encouraged by the start of my next book, and it was recommended by two independent friends with decent book cred, but I haven’t really gotten into it yet.

Catchers and Pitchers report to Spring Training today. Ahhhhhhhh. And our season ticket buddy  secured tickets to Openning Day yesterday. College basketball has been uber exciting this season and my beloved Boilermakers are hanging in there (big game tonight, before bookclub, but with no good knitting – will start some stash yarn scarf methinks.)

OK, now this part is really important: Will someone please tell me the rule for putting periods inside or outside or parentheses!? And don’t bother to tell me to stop using so many parentheses, they make me too happy.

Spring gardening is on the schedule for this weekend. But I have to work a Saturday shift. And when am I going to make it to the other yarn shop? And the beloved Boilermakers have another, bigger game on Sunday. Hmmmm.

OK,  this has helped clear some of the cobwebs out of my blogging brain. Hope to be back later this week with some more coherent thoughts on something.

6 thoughts on “Sputtering

  1. Finally, I can be of assistance! Periods go outside the parentheses if the thought in the parentheses is part of the sentence that started outside it (even if it’s run-on). Periods go inside the parenthesis if it’s a sentence on its own. (There’s one at the end of the sentence, too.)

    Love. Carol (Your sister who used to be an English teacher)

    Last example is just to confuse matters!

  2. Mum! You’re supposed to email me random streams of consciousness as a Pre write exercise for blogging not just blog them! Although it is always a pleasure to read your blog.

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