Spring Cleaning

Ha – Fat Chance!

But I can get enthused about spring cleaning in the garden. Husband and I decided to work over the rose bed this weekend, and made a pact to complete the job instead of our usual tactic of piddling around outside and not finishing anything. So the roses have been pruned back to healthy canes, the vitex has been hacked back to….stumpy looking sticks, and the irises have been chopped down to the ground.  Rose food was properly applied after actually reading the directions and the whole bed was mulched.

I’m fairly confident I’m properly dealing with the roses. We have no idea how to rein in the growth of the vitex except by this severe pruning, but it looked great last year after similar treatment. The irises fell victim to our two hard freezes. I don’t think you’re actually supposed to cut them back, I think you’re supposed to let the foliage die  back all the way naturally, but they were so darn ugly we decided to just see what would happen. We left four or five nice green clumps intact and we know we can divide those up if some of the others just don’t make it back.

The bed looks beautiful now, in that particular way that makes  early spring gardens my favorite gardens of all. Full of potential. We’ve done what we can, now let nature takes its course. Okay, now let nature and the dogs duke it out. Survival of the fittest.

Your thoughts?

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