Updating the Blogroll

Decided it was time to update the Sites That Spark My Thoughts blogroll found on the right side of this blog. These are my very favorite places on the internet to visit regularly and I want to make sure that if any of you loyal readers are looking for a site to visit, you can find something worthwhile thru me. So, like the weekly college basketball top 25, here’s who’s coming and going and staying.

Austin Kleon. I’m still a huge Austin Kleon fan, but he doesn’t post many newspaper blackout poems or de-signs on his blog anymore. I think he’s busy with his real job. I’ll still be checking up on him, especially for the monthly blackout horoscopes, but it’s not worth the daily visit anymore.

Blue Willow Bookshop. Until we get the new website up and running I’m taking this link off. The new Blue Willow blog is much more entertaining.

Poetry Daily. Everyone should take a daily dose of poetry. There are other sources, but I’m sticking with Poetry Daily. It does make me sad that they changed their “send this poem to a friend” form and now there’s no place to insert a personal comment in the email that forwards the poem to someone. I really like to include why a poem made me think of someone when I send it along, so now I often have to send a separate email.

Blue Willow Blog. Have to have some link that helps keep all of you up to date on that part of my life.

Chookooloonks. Beautiful photos, words, thoughts. Definitely still my go-to-site for personal reality checks, the beauty of different, and badassery.

Guardian Books Blog. Not book reviews, necessarily, but bookish essays and observations and whatnots. I don’t pore over all of it, but often find something that grabs my attention. There’s a lot of variety with very regular postings. It’s nice to regularly get a perspective on the book world from outside the States.

SavidgeReads. I stumbled across this book review’s blog thru wordpress when I first started blogging and I still really enjoy it.  Our book tastes are different, we seem to have nothing in common, but I have this odd fascination with keeping up with him.  And I do love his reviews, he is very good at summarizing the book without giving anything away and he clearly explains what he likes and doesn’t like about the book. Definitely a reviewer worth emulating. So perhaps  none of you would ever want to read Savidge Reads, but I’m leaving him up there since I haven’t hit my self-imposed limit of ten sites to list here.

Stuff Southern People Like. Definitely my go-to humor site right now. She is a native southerner who now lives in the Pacific NW and writes great little essays about all things southern. I am a native midwesterner who married into the south and has now lived here long enough to get it. As I read it, I realize just how much I have been mind-warped into thinking like a southerner – fortunately, I don’t have to admit that to anyone.

101 Books. This blogger is “Reading my way through Time Magazine’s 100 Greatest Novels since 1923 (plus Ulysses)” as his tag line declares. That’s really all there is to say on this one, but it is fun following his journey, one of those worthy reading goals that I am definitely too lazy to tackle myself. I’m the first to admit that my reading of the classics is sorely lacking, but I’m happy to educate myself vicariously.

Sporcle. Everyone needs a daily dose of trivia, too. My personal favorite IS the daily dose, four new quick little ones everyday. Excellent training for the Flying Saucer Trivia Nights. Well, not really, but it’s one excuse for wasting time on sporcle. I’m still looking for a valid excuse for wasting time on sporcle. Every time I try to wean myself away from it, someone (usually daughter #2) will get me hooked again. Please, share my addiction.

That brings the blogroll up to 8, with a little something for everyone I hope. May your internet surfing expeditions be productive, whatever that means.

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