Weekend Update

It was a fabulous weekend at Chez Drott. Where shall I begin?

Spring cleaning of the back yard proceeded on schedule. This weekend, we tackled the bed that borders the garage. The clump of trees that we call the privet got a much-needed pruning by the husband (I don’t climb on roofs); but I did help gather the multitude of branches and passed him all the tools he forgot he would need. Took the copper canyon daisy down to stubs, dug out a bunch of overgrown liriope, whacked the spirea back to calf-high sticks (not sure this was the best course of action, but we’ll see), tried to contain the stuff we forgot the name of but that spreads on runners and has little red flowers, and corralled enough dirt to fill in the hole behind the trough that the dogs will dig back out despite our pleas to the contrary. We planted one little hen and chick by the patio amid the irises as this years sacrifice on the dogs-chase-squirrels pathway. Couldn’t find white impatients at two nurseries (what was with that?), so are trying some …. sh#* I just forgot the name… amaranthus (?) around the Yesterday,Today,Tomorrow bush. We decided not to trim the YTT because it is coming back nicely after the winter and is a spring bloomer. It will have to wait til fall for a shapely prune, if we remember. My favorite addition to the bed will hopefully be the appearance of some caladiums from the bulbs we planted randomly thru the midsection of the bed. Last time we planted caladiums, we bought at 5 or 6 of 5 or 6 different varieties, shook them up in a bag, and filled a small bed with them. They came up completely sorted by color. It was very freaky. If it happen again, I’m gonna buy a lottery ticket. So the bed is now all mulched and ready to be beautiful! If only husband would get around to fixing the water pump/trough feature. One of these days I’m just going to tackle it myself and we all know that will not turn out well.

Saturday night we were still able to move, so we went up to the racetrack. Always a fun evening, but especially grand since a friend of husband’s owns a horse that was running. More on all that in a separate post later this week.

Sunday husband did the brunt of finishing up the yardwork because my beloved Boilermakers were taking care of business and beating Michigan State by 20 points in East Lansing.  New rankings not out yet at the time of this post, but hopefully the beloved ones are on their way to a #2 seed in the tourney. Hail Purdue!

Sunday evening we were STILL moving and were guests of some friends at an Aeros hockey game. Only my third live hockey game to attend and it was a blast. I would definitely do that again. Besides the game and the company, my favorite part was the chuck-a-puck promotion. Fans buy ($2 each or 3/$5) numbered, soft rubber pucks and between the second and third periods a hockey helmet is placed on the middle of the ice. Fans have one minute to chuck their pucks and try to get one to bounce/land and stay in the helmet. All the winners get $500. Proceeds of the puck sales go to charity. It was great.

Hope y’all had a great weekend, too!

Your thoughts?

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