Reading Challenge Update

Well, it’s a new month, time to update everyone on my progress on my three, current, somewhat interrelated, reading challenges.

First off, I changed my goal in the how many books to read in 2011 down from 59 (one more than I read last year) to 52. That’s one a week. That is a fine goal. What was I thinking? Somebody started a thread in the Goodreads challenge about reading frequency. 20 books a month?! 420 books a year?!?! Forget the time factor, I can’t imagine processing that much information, that many words thru my brain. Surely they must all run together. I repeat, one book per week is a fine goal. So far I’ve read 9, so I’m pretty much on target.

I finished the Winter Goodreads Seasonal Challenge with 8 books read, fulfilling 6 tasks, for 65 points. The Spring Challenge started on March 1. There are a bunch of great tasks and more still being posted. I’m hoping to really stick with it this time, but realistically I’ll be happy with 10 tasks complete and 100-200 points. Don’t think I’ll ever break 300 points unless I give up racquetball, and yoga, and working at Blue Willow, and watching sports & knitting, and housework (oh wait, I already gave up that….)

Finally, the really important one, the January – April 2011 Thoughts From the Back Reading Challenge. In February, I only completed one task, #10 – Read a book with a love story plot line. Touch fit the bill for this one. So I have completed 4/10 tasks in 2/4 months. I am a little behind, but February was a short month and I have two books in progress. Remember, if you want to join in on this challenge you can see all the tasks by clicking on the tab near the top of this blog that takes you to the Reading Challenge page. 

What are you waiting for? Crack open a book and get reading!

Your thoughts?

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