Oh Frabjous Day

The next few weeks are going to be really, really hard for D#2, getting to all her classes and getting her work done and taking care of herself around the apartment, but she had great news yesterday. Yes, so great that it just might be enough to keep her spirits up. So great that it resulted in the purchase of a celebratory six-pack of Shiner Bock. So great that I may be able to board the plane to Houston tonight without a major panic attack. The orthopedic dr here hopes to have her off crutches and walking around stiff legged in a brace in a week or two. Calloo Callay!

She had a really long day yesterday. Three hour-and-a-half classes back to back (skyping into one!), the trip to the dr, a three hour break and then a meeting/rehearsal with an extracurricular group. She held up well. Today we have some little things to take care of before Daughter #1 comes down for the weekend to relieve me and spare the roomies/friends from full time duty for another few days.

D#2 is already back to her old ways of procrastination and side tracking. Focusing her attention on her physical needs is definitely going to remain a challenge. She will need to eat well and sleep well and push herself thru  at home physical therapy (coming after next weeks dr visit) in order to make a full recovery. I had the horror story of a college roomie who had knee surgery and then sprained her other ankle while trying to navigate some stairs on crutches. One of D#2’s friends knew someone who had knee surgery and then got mono. That would definitely be the end of the sememster.

But lets not be channelling bad thoughts and let’s banish all bad scenarios from our daydreams! It may be raining today, but D#2 has no classes. See, the universe may actually be conspiring WITH us for now. Plenty of down days to come, but for now we remain chortling with joy.

EDIT: Got a bit cocky with the universe comment, evidently. Just looked out the window for the first time today and it actually SNOWED last night. Truce, universe?

Your thoughts?

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