Reading Challenge Update

Holy Smokes, where did March go? Actually, we all know the answer to THAT question…but reading challenges never stop, so here’s my monthly update on how I’m doin’.

The 52 Books a Year Challenge. I’ve read 13 books so far, 25% of my goal. Right on target!

The Goodreads Seasonal Reading Challenge.  I’ve completed 3 tasks for 20 points. I have one task 1/2 done, am in the middle of 2 books, and have 2 books other books to read before I lead the book club discussion on April 20. So I’m poised for great challenging strides in April.

The Thoughts From the Back Reading Challenge. I completed task #8, author initials in graduation, by reading The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson. I completed task #9, word in spring training, with True Grit by Charles Portis. I didn’t write a full Book Thoughts for True Grit. It was “just” a western, felt very much like I remembered the original movie. I haven’t seen the remake, though I’d like to. What surprised me was the simplicity of the book, the lack any plot twists whatsoever. Although considered a classic by some, I think it was the movies that has kept this book alive. That leaves me with 6 tasks completed, or 4 tasks and one month to go. And I still need to identify books for task 5 (US president) and task 8 (St. Patrick’s Day). Any suggestions – especially short books – would be appreciated!

Thank heavens for books and reading and Blue Willow. My hobby/habit/vocation has definitely helped me keep my sanity during the past month. Since it’s always on my mind these days, here’s the latest update on The Knee. Last week’s doctor visit brought removal of the stitches which allowed the first real shower. It also brought a referrel for physical therapy which came with much hassle/insurance/phone calls/frustration/runaround and FINALLY an actual p.t. appointment on Monday afternoon. I’m heading up to St. Louis M-Th to facilitate this, the beginning of rehab and, hopefully, the end of the crutches.

Your thoughts?

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