Book Thoughts: The Ark

I don’t usually pick up adventure-thrillers, but unplanned travel tends to expand the bookshelves. I grabbed a used copy of The Ark by Boyd Morrison in the St. Louis Airport. (One more thing to like about St. Louis, all the book stands at Lambert have a couple of shelves of half-priced used books. How sweet is that?) It caught my eye at the airport because it is about an archaeologist searching for Noah’s Ark, and my archaeologist daughter has been on my mind a bit lately.

Archaeologist Dilara Kenner is mysteriously summoned by an old family friend who has news about her father’s disappearance on a trip to fulfill his life’s goal of finding the final resting place of Noah’s Ark. Before the friend can tell Dilara what he knows, he is murdered. He is only able to give her a few words as clues and the name of a man who might be able to help her, Tyler Locke of Gordian Engineering.

Tyler and Dilara’s lives are both in danger as they follow a trail of clues which lead them to a madman planning to create a new world order. The plot twists and surges. It was entertaining and pretty much as expected. The modern-day plot tied nicely into the story of Noah and the Ark, with an original twist to the biblical version.I definitely enjoyed the ex-army engineer, Locke, with his nifty gadgets and his engineering style problem solving. The best line of the book comes very near the end, after the bad guy is vanquished:

“Even though Sebastian Ulric was extremely intelligent, he had one big flaw.”

“What’s that?”

Tyler smiled, “He wasn’t an engineer.”

I wouldn’t say no to another Boyd Morrison book, especially one with Tyler Locke, but I’m not holding any more space on my bookshelf for it.

Your thoughts?

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