Weekend Update

Here I am, approaching the one  year mark with Thoughts From the Back and I have turned into a blogging slacker.  So it’s obviously time for a rambling update post to get this online journal up to speed on my life again and hopefully get those blogging juices flowing again.

We put down two pallets of sod this weekend and now have grass on 90% of our backyard – and 100% of the backyard that can be seen from inside the house. Hooray! The dogs are almost as happy to frolic on it as I am to not have to constantly wipe off their muddy paws  (or wipe up their muddy paw prints after I neglect to wipe off their muddy paws). A little free water from the sky would be nice now, but at least the drought isn’t so severe here as to have a watering ban in place. Gov. Rick asked us all to pray for rain – you’d think SOMEBODY’S God would’ve come thru by now.

The Knee seems to have moved completely beyond the crisis stage. Although there is still a lot of recovery and rehab to come, it is more like now she is in the new normal and not in AAAAAHHHHHH mode.

Added a new category for my posts, The Event. Daughter #1’s wedding is now officially scheduled. I’m coping well, thank you. So far I am being supportive, yet not actually helpful. Check writing begins soon. That is considered very helpful. FSIL (Future Son-in-law) earned brownie points by helping us lay the sod this weekend.

For those of you who actually look at the box in the upper right that says Currently Reading, yes, I really have been reading The Silver Chalice for a month now. It was too big and chunky to carry around anywhere so I was only reading it at home after I finished reading whatever I started while I was out and about.  That, and it wasn’t nearly as compelling as the first time I read it, 35 years ago, plus or minus. But I did finally finish it last night, and fit it into all my reading challenges.

There. Let’s see if that’s enough to get the fingers and brain in gear again. Check back soon.

Your thoughts?

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