Starting the Day With a Smile

It’s a lovely late-April spring morning. Really, this is something to smile about in Houston where spring happened a month ago and we all feared that the summer heat and humidity might not break until October. Low humidity, morning temps in the 60’s, highs only around 80’s. Aaaahhhh.

I slept last night. No 3 am worry sessions. No night sweats/hot flashes. Windows open (see above). No bed-rattling snoring heard. No pitter-patter of dog intrusions. Aaaahhhhh.

Two happy daughters (as of yesterday). Aaaahhhh.

Most important/pressing Event decision made and cleared the mind and passed onto husband for futher handling. Aaaahhhhh.

Astros may not be winning half  their games but they are, for the most part, really fun to watch this year. Fortunately I spent my formative years as a Cubs fan and so I know how to enjoy baseball without needing my team to win all the time. Aaaahhhh.

New sod is not yet dead. Aaaahhhh.

By the end of today, I will have finished doing triage on the ARC shelves in the backroom of the Willow. My co-workers will be happy with me. Aaaahhhh.

Some days  I can say it with  conviction….Life is good.

Your thoughts?

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