Planning is better

I’m usually very happy to go with the flow, but having my brain prepared for something sure makes life a lot easier. Maybe that is why one of my defense mechanisms is to worry and stew and think about worst case scenarios, I don’t always do so well when something hits me totally out of the blue. I may go with the flow, but I’m likely to not be all together there, it definitely takes me some time to process information and situations.

At least I’ve finally learned to accept and embrace this about myself. Snappy comebacks will never be my forte. Give me an hour to think about something, turn it around in my head for a bit, better yet, sleep on it.

What brought these thoughts on, you might ask? That would be spring ’11 surgery #2, the PLANNED surgery. Daughter #1 had carpal tunnel release surgery on her right wrist yesterday. Everything went as expected, the doctor was pleased, and d#1 seems to be doing quite well the morning after. She’s keeping up with pain meds, but I expect her to be ready to wean off of them tomorrow. The big honking dressing comes off tomorrow morning, which is bound to make her feel better once she gets over the yuck factor of seeing the incision. No way to be sure if this will really fix all her wrist pain issues, but the doctor sure believes it will so we’re hoping he’s right.

Selfishly I’d like to report that I am doing much better with surgery #2. My brain still seems to be functioning. I can still think about more than one thing at a time. I can even imagine what tomorrow will be like and look forward to graduation at the end of the week. I know if the Astros won or lost (lost), what the Mississippi River is doing (flooding) and am generally making rational decisions about important things, like cell phone usage.

This nursing trip might even have a few moments of feeling like a vacation, well, except for all the packing up and moving out that needs to be done. Sigh.

One thought on “Planning is better

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