365 Days of Blogging

So this is it, my 365th day of blogging. There are now 137 posts on Thoughts from the Back. I’m pretty pleased with having averaged 2.6 posts per week, and I’m absolutely astounded that I have 3,284 total views. Averaging almost 9 views per day means that 9 of you should probably find a better use for your time, but hopefully the 45 seconds per day you’ve spent checking this blog have been worth it to you.

I never thought 365 days of blogging would translate to 365 posts, but it has definitely been 365 days containing the thought, “Hmmmm, I could blog about this…” I’ve definitely enjoyed the exercise of writing. It’s surely easier to blog when life is in a routine and the blog is a part of it. This spring has been anything BUT routine, and I definitely fell out of regular blogging practice. Still, I declare the blogging experiment a success and will continue with this personal, albeit public, journal.

Besides, next Wednesday is the beginning of Hurricane Season 2011. One of the reasons I started the blog is because of the emails I sent out to family and friends when Hurricane Ike was threatening and then came thru with a strike on Houston. I decided that for future storms, it would be easier to just let folks check on us thru my blog posts whenever they got to wondering how we were doing. Of course, Houston was never even remotely in the eye of a storm last year. It seems somewhat trivial to be blogging about possible disasters, what with the horrific tornado season that has devastated parts of the country, but, still, hurricanes fascinate me and the fact that you can talk about them for weeks in advance is just prime blogging fodder.

It’s always satisfying to check my dashboard and see that SOMEONE was looking for a thought from the back; it has been the rare day that had no views. Even though I’m doing this for myself, knowing that someone out there is noticing whether or not I’m blogging is surprisingly motivating. So here’s to another 365 days of blogging and thanks for coming back.

One thought on “365 Days of Blogging

  1. I have every confidence that there is MORE MATERIAL for you to mine and share: children graduating, children marrying, children becoming gainfully-employed, the WHOPPER VACATION you’ll take because your children are graduating, marrying, and becoming gainfully-employed …

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