Hurricane Season 2011

Happy June 1 and welcome to Hurricane Season 2011!

Yes, Thoughts from the back is THE place to go for all the current information on the preparedness of an average west Houston family. I’m not making fun of Hurricane Season, honest. I take the whole thing very seriously; I just don’t do anything very quickly or thoroughly. Perhaps I should pick up the pace with two areas in the Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean being watched for possible development. I’m also still working out the best place to get my hurricane-junkie fixes as some of my favorite websites from last year have changed their format and their look. And we all know how well I adapt to change…(“What? Why should I give up DOS?”)

I hope nothing develops too rapidly. I usually store a pile of hurricane supplies in a corner of the dining room which has currently been converted into a storage locker for Daughter#1. Much of it will be moving with her to Dallas mid-month and then we will convert her old bedroom into the storage locker. Then I can return the dining room to its usual role as the catch-all for all of my stuff. Life gets complicated without basements or attics.

To celebrate the beginning of Hurricane Season, I did take stock of my current supplies. Despite my best intentions to use it all up in the off-season, I still have three gallons of drinking water that is now EXPIRED. GASP!! Still, it will do in a pinch. We have actually made a dent in the giant brick of AA Batteries that husband bought x # of years ago. Probably ought to pick up a few fresh batteries in a variety of sizes, but I haven’t inventoried the flashlights yet to see what we really need. Foodwise, there’s not much in the pantry period so I suppose I will add some hurricane staples to the shopping list, especially peanut butter and  crackers. Yup, I could probably live a week on peanut butter and crackers…..and handouts from neighbors who have good stuff in their freezers that they don’t want to go to waste.

The crank on the solar or crank emergency radio broke, so it only works on solar power now. Not too helpful in the middle of a hurricane so I guess I’ll be replacing that. We have two, healthy and not too large pencil plants. They are still easy to move inside, but we do need to take and plant some small cuttings. Some of you may wonder why the state of pencil plants has anything to do with hurricanes. Long ago, my mother-in-law had a pencil plant. It seems everyone in the family has gotten cuttings from the original plant. They’re hardy, but not invincible, especially when they get too tall and succumb to a freeze. Before Ike hit, we had a pencil plant that was too large to move inside. Cary decided the best thing would be to tie it to the treehouse in the backyard. I gave it zero percent chance of surviving, but it made it thru unscathed. Somehow, in the next two years, everyone in the family lost their pencil plants (including our big one which, you guessed it, succumbed to a freeze) except for two small ones we were keeping inside. Well, we’ve now sent cutting out to everyone who wanted one and have gotten our two plants in good shape. But ever since that one survived Hurricane Ike by being tied to the treehouse, I feel any pencil plants we have deserve special mention in hurricane preparedness discussions.

Really, I promise I’ll be hurricane ready-er by August. And I’ll keep you posted.

Your thoughts?

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