Yesterday I mentioned that I thought that regional differences across the US were disappearing.

And then I read this.

True story from about 15 years ago. I had a friend who was very active in the elementary school PTA here in Houston. Her husband was transferred to San Jose, CA. and she volunteered to help out with the school carnival at her kids’ new school. One of the games she planned was the classic ping-pong ball toss into a goldfish bowl. The prize for succeeding was a live goldfish, one of the 19-cent ones from the feeder fish tank at the pet store. She had parents protesting. About the inhumane conditions of the fish, not about the fact that they were going to have to deal with the fish and with their grieving child when it inevitably died…soon. (Or the inconvenience of having to surreptitiously replace the fish so the child wouldn’t notice that it had died….repeatedly)

Never did hear what they gave out as consolation prizes at that carnival. Certainly not chocolate milk.

One thought on “Clarification

  1. Of course California is a different country altogether. I remember the French used to say that really crazy things happened only in California….

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