Hooray for Rain!

At long last, some rain at our house. It has been (literally, honest, no exaggeration) MONTHS since we’ve had any rain here. The rain gauge shows 1.75 inches which fell over the course of about 6 hours. Three hours later I could (and probably should) mow the back yard – it has all soaked in and I’m sure the grass and trees and other plants would like a lot more. But still…it’s glorious. In honor of the blessed event, I decided to roll the haikubes and this is what I came up with:

finally water
dripping for ravenous lots
the marvel embraced

Even Loki-the-thunder-dog didn’t get too upset. Maybe she’s forgotten she’s supposed to be afraid of storms (don’t I wish). I think I’ll head outside tonight and enjoy the slightly cooler temperatures and swat me some mosquitos. Happy 2nd Day of Summer!

Your thoughts?

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