The first named storm of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, Arlene, is due to wash ashore in Mexico tomorrow morning. No chance for even a drop of Arlene-rain to moisten the parched landscapes of Houston. That rain I mentioned a few posts back? A distant memory.

But Arlene’s brief and distant presence reminds me to check out my hurricane preparedness. I found the ziploc of important papers stashed in the desk drawer, but haven’t looked at it to see what is or isn’t in it.  I have one jar of peanut butter in the hurricane larder. I am down to two jugs of expired drinking water. We used one for Loki on the long car ride, but I did save the empty to refill with tap water and freeze into an ice block. We took some pencil plants to Florida last weekend, so we are now not solely responsible for the protection of offspring from the original plant. I put “inventory flashlights and batteries” on my todo list. Hey – I think I’m moving along nicely.

At least one component of hurricane preparedness is set. Daughter #1 has assured me that the apartment in Ft. Worth is actually settled enough to accommodate a few guests, if they bring their own air mattress. So as soon as I find the non-leaking air mattress, our evacuation plan is good to go.

Bring on Bret!

Your thoughts?

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