It’s About Time

No one has ever accused me of rushing into things.

After living here for 21 years, we have finally decided to redecorate three rooms of Chez Drott that still have the wallpaper that was in the house when we bought it. Two rooms worth of the new wallpaper are in our possession, the third is back ordered (thank heavens!) Any bets on when we’ll finish the job(s)? All I can say with confidence is that it will be less than 21 years. Actually, I’m thinking that the November Event is the drop dead-line.

We started stripping the wallpaper from the downstairs bathroom this evening. It never comes off as easily as they claim it will when you put it up. But still it was more fun than watching the Astros tonight. (Another pummeling, this time by the Red Sox. Sigh.) The room is really too small for two people to stand in and work together. This is not a bad thing, husband and I get along much better when we work on home projects either in shifts or in parallel. Working together is overrated, except by divorce lawyers.

This small bathroom SHOULD be a weekend project. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I’ll keep y’all posted. or pasted. or painted.

3 thoughts on “It’s About Time

  1. YOUR COLLEGE ROOMMATE repeated many times over fifteen-plus years that there are TWO THINGS that married couples should NEVER do together: (a) canoe, and (b) wallpaper a bathroom.

    Just sayin’.

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