Bret and Cindy are racing across the north Atlantic. Even though they are no threat to land, the presence of two named tropical storms prompts me to once again review my hurricane season 2011 preparedness status.

Since my last review almost a month ago….not much has changed. The flashlight and battery inventory is complete. Bought a battery-powered LED lantern to supply some room light. It’s not terribly bright, but should be good enough to play cards by. (It’s come in useful in the downstairs bathroom since we haven’t yet found a new light fixture. Husband found it especially handy when he had to wallpaper behind the door. It gets sparking-wintergreen-lifesavers dark in that little room with the door closed.) A three-day power outage would likely exhaust our battery supply, but I’m not planning to buy anymore until there are lines and shortages just before landfall. It helps get in the spirit of the event. (OK, maybe if I see a good sale….)

Also picked up a small crank/solar radio/flashlight. It can even be used to give a little charge to a cell phone, which could be very handy indeed.

There’s still a lone jar of peanut butter in the hurricane larder, but I did pick up a few more gallon jugs of water, bringing me up to 5. Another three pack and I’ll be able to brush my teeth and make coffee for a solid week.

The patio seems to get more cluttered over time and the area behind the garage has become a major catchall for “stuff”. So a true hurricane threat would have us scrambling to get stuff put away and tied down. But at least we don’t have any plants too big to haul into the garage.

And although all our other paperwork remains “possibly” in order, at least I noticed that our Flood Insurance renewal check cleared the bank.

The hurricane watching junkie in me is feeling a bit of withdrawal, but that’s likely to change in the coming months. And a little rain would be nice, too.

2 thoughts on “Two-fer

  1. Tuna. Crackers. A virgin quart-bottle of Coleman fuel for the campstove. Add those, and your “hurricane-larder” looks like my “tornado-stash”.


    • I did forget to mention that we do have a full extra propane tank for the outdoor grill and/or camper stove. The engineering education from ole Purdue is hard to mitigate, even after years of non-practice.

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