One Down

Dare I say it? The downstairs bathroom is finished. Well, close enough. A shelf to hang and some tchotckes to put up or put away. And maybe a door to unstick.  Look, I even have a picture!

Pay no attention to the man (woman) behind the mirror. Not that you can tell much from that photo, so here’s a close up of the wallpaper.


And now that the old is out and the new is in, I can confess that the old stuff was amazingly similar to the wallpaper that was in my grandmother’s bathroom. Yup, that would be 50 years ago. Did I mention earlier that it was time for a change? One reason I know that this was the right way to change this bathroom is that I already don’t really notice it. I noticed it was dark and dated for at least the last 10 years. Now it just looks like it ought to. Next up: the kitchen. I’m figuring this is a four weekend project, minimum. We might have to rest up a bit longer before we jump in…..

Your thoughts?

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