distraction [dɪˈstrækʃən]


1. the act or an instance of distracting or the state
of being distracted
2. something that serves as a diversion or
3. an interruption; an obstacle to concentration
4. (Psychology) mental turmoil or madness


My world is full of distractions these days, with lots of overlap and distractions that are distracting from other distractions. Read for yourself:

Tropical Storm Don is expected to form by this evening. He’s heading into the Gulf of Mexico and is actually, honestly, really and truly supposed to bring some much, much, much needed rain to Texas and maybe, perhaps, possibly even to Houston. This will be a welcome distraction from the heat and the drought. It will also mean a distraction from the inside house work to do a little pre-storm backyard clean-up and post storm jungle taming as real rain will result in serious plant/grass growth.

With daughter #1 in Dallas/Ft. Worth, the distance is becoming a distraction to the event planning. I know there are a few things I should be doing, but November is SO far away. Although getting the house in shape before family and friends arrive is a priority. At least the redecorating provides a distraction from my usual favorite summer pastime, watching the Astros.

Yes, the beloved boys of summer are truly abysmal this year. Actually, honestly, really and truly awful. Still, they have their moments. On the plus side, they provide a welcome distraction to all the debt ceiling politics. Watching the Astros is a JOY compared to listening to the squabbling coming out of Washington. I’m ASHAMED of our politicians, I’m just disappointed in the ‘Stros.

I’ve rekindled an old addiction to Age of Empires. There is nothing really good about this, although it does provide a distraction from the Astros games in the late innings when I can’t bear to watch, but want to listen just in case something good happens. Sadly it also creates the unwelcome distractions from knitting and reading (and blogging.)

Speaking of reading, Blue Willow continues to be the ultimate distraction in my otherwise mundane, suburban housewife existence. Then, too, Wedding Wednesday conversations have become very distracting when it comes to getting my work done. It’s really time to clean out the ARC shelves again, which will, as usual, result in another handful of books begging to come home with me and distract me from getting stuff done around the house.

Due to staff vacations, I’m heading into a two-week period of extra shifts at the bookstore. This definitely distracts me from my regular racquetball games and yoga classes. These are not good distractions to be distracted from. Rball is the only thing that keeps me even remotely in a reasonable physical condition, and yoga is definitely my new favorite indulgence. Though I need to work on channeling that relaxation into more energy, instead of feeling that the time spent in yoga is just a distraction to getting other things done.

Entertainment, interruption, or madness? I think a bit of all three.

Speaking of madness, this video clip epitomizes our Washington politicians:

One thought on “Distractions

  1. The irony of “Horse Feathers”, in counterpoint to what’s coming out of Washington, is, indeed, RIPE. Bravo.
    I actually wrote my rep last night and told him I was ASHAMED that he is my Congressman. And signed it.
    And told him he was taught to act better than that … back when he was in KINDERGARTEN.

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