Weekend Update

I love doing weekend update posts, especially after especially pleasant weekends.

The reorder of the bathroom wallpaper came in on Friday, so the husband (with a very capable assistant) finished the upstairs bathroom. It looks great! A bit more modern looking than my usual style, but I like it. Need to buy a new rug, and some new towels wouldn’t be bad, either, but it’s fully functional (ie, the new toilet paper holder is installed). No excuses to put off the kitchen now…

To celebrate we headed to the Saucer Saturday night for dinner and to try some of their special offerings on their birthday celebration weekend. I had two especially tasty brews, Brooklyn Blast and Breckenridge ’72 Imperial Chocolate Cream Stout. The Chocolate Cream Stout has set a new standard for the perfect dessert beer. If either one ever shows up again, I’ll be partaking.

Sunday found me celebrating a friend’s bday with brunch at Ouisie’s Table and some random shopping in the Heights. The husband was back at the Saucer for day two of their special beers. So we were both happy!

The ‘Stros put together a short winning streak before dropping one in extra innings on Sunday. A friend won a raffle and got to spend an inning in the TV booth with JD and Brownie and Bagwell during Saturday’s game. I am so beyond jealous.

I zipped thru a YA book, The Angel Factory, that fits a task in my reading challenge. Two tasks to go, but picking a Faulkner novel for one of them will likely ensure that I can’t complete both of them. But I am loving the Faulkner so far, so it’s worth it. Look for a final update on the Reading Challenge later this month. Don’t forget to let me know if you complete the challenge!

Speaking of which, I’ll probably dive back into the Goodreads Challenge for the fall season. Well, I’ll at least dip my toe in the water again. And spend too much time on the computer and not enough time reading, of course. On a positive note, I’ve read 35 books towards my 52 book goal for 2011 – 2 books ahead of schedule.

Here’s hoping the week ahead is as good as the weekend!

Your thoughts?

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