If It Ain’t Broke…

I always imagined that this personal, albeit public, on-line journal would contain plenty of self-reflection. Fortunately for all  of you, it hasn’t, but this whole redecorating home project has definitely highlighted a certain aspect of my personality. It’s hard to put into one word, just as it was hard to decide what cliché to use as the title of this post. Some other possibilities:

1. Que sera, sera
2. The inertia effect
3. Good enough
4. Leaving well enough alone
…you get the idea, though, right?

I am OK with things. Most everything, in fact. Although she worded it as a compliment, my sister once said to me something like, “that’s one thing I like about you, you’re always willing to be happy with less than perfection.” And then there was the friend who commented, “nice you’re finally getting the house the way you want it after umpteen years.” Yup, that’s me all right.

I was always amazed when people moved into the neighborhood and within 3 months their house would have been unrecognizable to the previous owner. They just knew how they wanted everything to be and they did it all at once. Wow. It’s not just the making decisions, though I’m not known for being decisive, it’s more thinking that, gee, it’s really OK the way it is. Why use all the materials and time and money to change something that is….fine.

It’s not just the house. I drive cars until they die.  I wear the same, tired clothes, way too often. We still watch a non-HD, non-flat screen TV. We’re not even planning to replace the perfectly functioning avocado green wall oven. Part of it is my desire to reduce/reuse/recycle, but there’s something deeper driving it all.

The upcoming event has spurred us into sprucing up the place a bit. Yes, the minor changes we are making are LONG overdue. But am I sad that we put it all off until now? Not really. It was all fine. It just suddenly seemed not fine, so we are doing something about it.

Maybe that’s the best word for my personality trait (quirk?disorder?fault?)…I am a settler. I settle for OK, for how things are, for being settled in one place. And for sure, if it ain’t broke, I won’t be fixin’ it.

2 thoughts on “If It Ain’t Broke…

  1. Yup. I note that a can of spray-paint fixes the avocado-green oven, WHEN you want it to NOT be avocado-green. And you and I will both buy a flat-screen when the non-flat-screen dies … BUT NOT before.

    • Spray paint, oven door, high temperature…NOT recommended (trust me, I’ve looked into it). Even checked out auto-body repair shops. Well, just one but they looked at me really weird so I gave up.

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