Planning OR Writing

I am REALLY good at making excuses. I thought I did such a good job yesterday at writing up a little excuse for why I’m not writing more, I think I’ll make another excuse today!

The Event is officially two months away. The invites are officially sent. The hunt for the mother-of-the-bride dress and other wearables has officially commenced. All the big stuff is officially planned or the planning set in motion at least. Now it is time to sweat the details. I will be sweating the details until the Event and then I will go all “que sera, sera” and enjoy the moment. I don’t so much plan something like this as worry something like this to death. I’ll spend the next two months imagining problems and stewing over the problems that I’m forgetting to imagine. Some, but not enough, of the next two months will be spent actually solving some of these problems. This does not bode well for multitasking in the rest of my life. Sounds like a perfect excuse to me…

Your thoughts?

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