Home Work OR Writing

My super power of awesome excuse making is turning into great fodder for blogs! Here’s # 3 in the series of why I can’t seem to blog on a regular basis.

It’s just a great example of the trickle-down effect. There is going to be a wedding, which means lots of people about, which means we really need to get the house in order. (I even have friends who are feeling the trickle-down, confessing that they are using our wedding as an excuse to get their own guest rooms in order, just in case it might be needed! I have awesome friends.) So husband signed on to my 3 rooms of wallpaper plan. Naturally, we saved the worst for last. The kitchen is turning into a major  wall-prep effort. We decided the wallpaper must be original and that the builder did NO wall prep before hanging it. So it’s coming off in teeny tiny bits, two layers (if we’re lucky), or three layers when we pull down part of the wall, too. Sheesh. So on week two of really getting down to it, we are still stripping. Wall prep, ceiling repair/repaint, woodwork prep/repair, painting, wallpaper hanging still to do. I’m not even thinking we’ll attempt the new shelves to hold husband’s beer glass collection until after the event. (And just maybe once all those glasses are boxed up and put away somewhere, he’ll forget about them….)

The wallpapering is a pretty major effort for the inertially challenged residents of Chez Drott, but of course, there’s plenty of other stuff involved in getting the home ready. I finally bought a new bookcase for upstairs. I had hoped it would actually inspire me to organize all my books. So far, not so much. But it has at least provided me a means to corral the collection so that the piles on tables and hearth and other available horizontal surfaces can be cleared away.

Seeing that clear table top in the family room has me itching to put up a jigsaw puzzle, but that’ll have to wait for the next blog in the series…

2 thoughts on “Home Work OR Writing

  1. Ack!! Stop stripping, use Shieldz for the wall prep. I had the same problem removing old wallpaper 10 years ago (when I did the bathrooms and the kitchen and breakfast room). A neighbor saved what was left of the shreds of my sanity and fingernails when she told me about this stuff. And it is never too late to switch to it, even if portions of the same wall are stripped and other portions unstripped. It’s like a miracle in a paintcan – you paint it on over the old wallpaper (or bare wall, or combination, whatever), then just wallpaper on top of it.

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