21 Razor Blades Later

As my  six-year old self would say, “AL-E-UL-JAH!” The wallpaper in the kitchen is up!! Here’s a closeup:

Wallpapering is one of the few home improvement projects that does not require duct tape. It does, however, require a ready supply of fresh razor blades. I felt like quite the surgical assistant always ready to hand over the appropriate instrument, “brush, blade, roller, scissors, fresh blade.” And to respond sympathetically to the all-too-common, “Oops.” (Which always, always, always makes me think of the Bill Cosby routine.) So I had to count ’em up this morning – we went thru 21 razor blades and, thanks to a friend’s advice to give up on the stripping and try Shieldz, we didn’t even need to threaten each other with them.

The kitchen looks so much lighter and more open now. Especially around the windows where they had really overused the dark border. Sorry, no before pictures so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

The kitchen cabinets look really dark now, but I still prefer the look of natural wood. Also, the full walls which right now scream “Look at me – I have wallpaper on me!” will eventually have some shelves and other stuff hanging on them. Hopefully all finalized before the event, but that is not a detail that I am really going to worry about. There are so many other details to worry about, afterall.

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