Tftb – the food blog

In case you haven’t noticed, food blogs are a big deal. From the hugely successful to the hardly noticed they are everywhere, tempting me with scrumptious, healthy, culture-crossing recipes. Why doesn’t Tftb attempt an occasional foodie posting you might ask? Because here is what it would look like:

Tonight I prepared “mystery meal” #n. The meal was inspired by a search in the freezer for some hidden, forgotten morsel of Blue Bell Ice Cream. No luck, but I did uncover a carton of something red, frozen in my leftover-container of choice (a Glad plastic tub with a red top that came free with some cold-cuts inside). I was pretty sure it was either spaghetti sauce or chili. I can not remember the last time I made either.

After leaving on the counter to thaw all day, I removed the lid and discovered…..CHILI! Fortunately I had not started boiling the spaghetti water yet. Plopped some in a bowl and microwaved until hot. It was a little worse for the freezer time, but I was confident it was still safe to eat. I little cheese on top and I had a complete meal! Would’ve been better if I had found some Fritos in the house, but my search thru the pantry for a hidden, forgotten bag came up short.

But I did come up with an idea for tomorrow’s dinner – stay tuned!

And I wonder why the husband likes to stay downtown for dinner…

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