Twitface #1

I have been accused of being a bit behind the times. I have been known to refer to myself as a luddite. The husband regularly threatens to make my next phone a Jitterbug. I sometimes feel like I should be in a 12-step program. “Hello, my name in Nancy and I don’t have a facebook account.”

As much as I fight the urge to join the social media circus, I actually do sort of get it now. I understand that there are real positives to facebook and twitter. I could see myself getting totally sucked into thinking that I SHOULD post status updates and tweet stuff. Instead, I think I should just stick with my blog, my online journal, my weird way of connecting with my daughters and a few random friends and family members. But since my brain seems to be functioning at about a 140 character level of complexity, I have decided to try a regular blog feature that I am calling Twitface.

I can save all of you the trouble of a week’s worth of randomness by consolidating all the things I might post or tweet right here, for you to ignore in one big blink. I’ll keep this post open for about a week and add to it all my short, random life snippets. So here goes:

Hands down, the best part about the wedding is the friends and family that are coming in from out of town.

Where does that expression come from, “hands down”?

SciGuy is my hero. He declared summer officially over today

The pre-wedding housecleaning continues. One room at a time…one window at a time…one puff of dog hair at a time.

The one twitter event a week that I contribute to is #Fridayreads, via the Blue Willow twitter account. This weekend I read Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral. It is a YA book, a collaborative effort that tells a story in pictures and photos and art and im chats and a bit of text. I’m not sure what to make of it.

Daughter #1 and FSIL, in town for some event planning, are shocked at the amount of open horizontal space in the family room.

I started Infidel for bookclub next Wednesday. Odds of finishing in time? Don’t ask.

“Missed” yoga twice this weekend. So much for destressing.

Completed 10 of the 49 tasks on the event to-do list. Adding faster than I’m crossing off. Ooops.

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