Funding an Event

Well, the big event is now less than 4 weeks away. Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi. And the event dreams/nightmares have started in earnest. Last night it was a not very smoothly going rehearsal dinner. And just who were all those people?! Ah dreams – guaranteed to make the real thing seem nearly flawless by comparison.

I’m proud to say that Daughter #2 is graduating a semester early from college. We like to say that this is her wedding present to her older sister – we’re using the money we’re saving to pay for the wedding. It’s a joke. Sort of.

But, should the need ever arise, how will we pay for d#2’s wedding? I think I have it figured out.

Instead of a swear jar (where you put a dollar in a jar every time you use a swear word), I’m going to create an event fund jar. The idea came to me as I was thinking about our upcoming trip to St. Louis for Parents Weekend and the fact that we should make the effort to focus on d#2 for a weekend and take a mental break from the Event. So every time I mention something about the Event, except in response to a direct question, or to actually accomplish some event planning, I’ll throw a dollar in the event fund jar. The husband is also playing this game, he just doesn’t know it yet. We’re on the honor system, I already owe a buck for today. (OK, maybe 2.) (And another 1 for the blog.) In the next less than 4 weeks I am confident we can raise a fair sum towards d#2’s possible future event. (Especially with compounded interest.)

And if we don’t actually raise much money, I’m sure our friends and co-workers and esp. d#2 will appreciate the effort.


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