Twitface #2

Mentally composing blog entries while playing racquetball is bad for my game.

Good thing the event fund jar doesn’t count event thoughts, only outward expressions of such.

Ah, wore a sweatshirt this morning. I live for days like this.

WootWoot! Made closet space for 3 or 4 long dresses. This was more complicated than it sounds, trust me.

The Fund is up to $6.

So nice to see and visit with Chip, the Prius again! It’s been over 5 months!

My 5 bytes of fame

So nice to see and visit with d#2 again! It’s been 3 months!

How to be a tourist friendly town: $3.75 metro tickets direct from the St. Louis airport to downtown and lots of other stops, too. Affordable, reliable, easy to navigate.

I could easily become a hockey fan. St. Louis Blues won in OT tonight. Great game! If the ‘Stros go to the AL, I might look into season tix for the Aeros.

A great weekend with d#2 in St. Louis and now we’re back in H-town for the final stretch run to the Event…

…with $12 added to the Fund over the weekend, but it wasn’t all me.

Your thoughts?

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