So THIS is what the house might look like if I kept it clean and tidy…

The 10-day weather outlook shows rain possibilities two days before the wedding…with a cool front perhaps?…

One year, I was Raggedy Ann for Halloween, paired with my sister as Raggedy Andy. This year, Zombie Raggedy Ann trick-or-treated at our house. Sheesh, kids today.

Leftover candy + stress = belly bulge. Thank heavens for stretchy fabric in m-o-t-b dress!

I think I have 6 active to-do lists scattered about the house.

Checked the forecast today and the weather for wedding weekend looks pretty much perfect. I think I will just not check again.

Pacing….where are all you butt kickers when I need you?!

Thanks to SciGuy, I watched the ISS go overhead at 8:18 tonight. So cool, every time, still.

Friend just posted a recipe for gingersnaps – ah the sweet smell of Christmas!

Wait – there’s Christmas this year!?! Can’t see past the Event, Thanksgiving, the graduation, and the Ohio reception. Cards will not be sent on time.

Here’s a share worthy link that y’all might not have stumbled upon.

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