Wedding Karma

So apparently people were misled when I posted “Marriage Karma” a few days ago. Just because y’all put up with me nattering on and on about The Event, y’all feel entitled to some sort of recap?! I suppose you’re right…

It was really a fabulous event/ceremony/day/week. I had a great time, I think everyone who attended had a good time, SIL seemed happy, and, most important, it all pretty much lived up to Daughter#1’s expectations.  I was happy with every vendor we worked with and would recommend them all. Everything went smoothly; there weren’t even any glitches to be laughed about…later.

The official photos haven’t come back yet, but here is my favorite from some sent by friends and family.

I vowed that I would be social for this event. I wouldn’t do my usual stand in the back and observe. So I jumped right in and talked to people and danced at the reception and smiled a lot (this was not hard) and put up with photographs and I had a great time. But here’s the weird part. I don’t remember it all very well. And this had nothing to do with too much alcohol, honest. It all went by in such a blur. I thought I was getting around and talking with people, but I know there are lots of folks I barely said hi to.

Even when we hosted a fajitas and ‘ritas night at the house on Thursday. Husband took over the grill and the kitchen, which was a very good thing because I barely remember helping with anything. Usually I’m worrying about people having what they need to eat and drink and I don’t really think about just enjoying being with people. I guess I don’t multitask hosting and partying very well.

Thru the haze of my memory, I do have a few stand out moments. The bride wiping a tear off her dad’s cheek during the father-daughter dance. My niece and a Ft Worth friend dominating on the dance floor. And the most contented, happy smile on SIL that I’ve ever seen. Actually, he looked that way pretty much from the altar on.

So thanks to any of you who came to the Event. It truly wouldn’t have been the same without you.

And congrats to the newlyweds. They are finally half way to actually being the old married couple that they act like.




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