Reading Challenge Update

A month, a year, and a couple of reading challenge are all coming to an end. It’s time for an update.

There are oodles of Best Books of 2011 out there, and I will not be adding another one. For one, it would require me to actually remember what I’ve read this year. But I know I’ve told you about a few of my favorites here on Thoughts From the Back, and I’ve been adding them to my Goodreads shelves complete with ranking and a mini-review, at least enough to remind me what I thought of the book. My reading tastes haven’t changed much – my favorite books will still find me totally wrapped up with the characters. I have developed a fondness for short stories this year, and I think a poem a day is a fine thing. I find myself enjoying non-fiction more than I used to. I couldn’t quite hit my Goodreads target of reading 52 books this year, I topped out at 48. One book a week still seems possible, especially since I do include a fair number of childrens books and other quick reads. If Goodreads posts the challenge again, I’ll make another try for 52.

I pretty much bombed on the Thoughts From the Back reading challenge this trimester. I only completed the following 4 tasks:

Task 2: Big Event #1 is in November – Read a book with a wedding word in the title. I read Architect of Flowers by William Lychak

Task 4: Reading is Elemental. I read Rin Tin Tin by Susan Orleans.

Task 9: Read Outside the Box – Read a book of poetry or short stories. I read Taken Somehow By Surprise by David Clewell.

Task 10:  Rain, please! I read The Storm at the Door by Stephan Block.

A fairly poor showing, but I do still enjoy goofy reading challenge tasks. I’m open to suggestions for the next trimester, look for a new challenge soon, but maybe not promptly on January 1.

No matter what the new year brings, you can’t go wrong resolving to read more in 2012.

3 thoughts on “Reading Challenge Update

  1. Shame on you for not meeting your goal and reading only 48 books this past year. Please step it up in 2012. I read a couple books, and I am going to try and push to three! – Cousin Marth

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