The first thing to go

Ah middle age. I am seriously in the throes of it now. And you know what “they” say, it’s always the first to go. I always wondered, would it be…?

Short term memory
Distant memories
Hair (and where?)
The mind
The body

None of the above. Oh sure, I forget stuff all the time and have more grey hairs daily and several crowns and, well I’ll spare you anymore details, but the first thing that I have noticed that really irks me is the total loss of my personal thermostat.

I’ve always been a bit of a thermostat nazi. In summer you set it at 78 and in the winter you set it at 68 and you dress accordingly and, for the most part, you remain reasonably comfortable. No more. I was prepared for hot flashes, but this constant temperature/comfort zone variability is ridiculous. Sweater on, sweater off. Blanket on, blanket off. Jeans, shorts, sweatpants. Hot tea, cold water. Where’s my sweatshirt? Aahhhh!

I’m OK with my age, really.  Just don’t ask me, “is it warm in here?” I have no clue, whoever you are.

One thought on “The first thing to go

  1. Short-term Memory. (And Middle-term Memory.
    And the Quirky Long-term Memory that doesn’t reliably allow me to recall important items anymore, but
    Does Regurgitate Useless Forty-Year-Old Phone Numbers Still, Dammit.)

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