So Many Glasses

There’s something about drinking glasses. I get so attached to them. Maybe it’s because you use them so much. And when you use them, you have to hold them in your hand, and bring them to your lips. Eating is sometimes an experiment or an unknown, but drinking is pretty much always predictable and enjoyable. Don’t you remember the glasses that your family used while you were growing up? I do, much more strongly than I remember dishes or silverware. Not surprising, I brought glasses back to Houston from my parents’ house, and even though I don’t use most of them, I am loath to part with them. Worst case perhaps being the Chicago Bears glasses that my folks collected as free rewards from getting fill-ups at Shell gas stations. Can’t help it, every time I see them in the cupboard I picture my father with his evening cocktail.

A soft spot for free and/or promotional glassware is a dangerous thing.

Promotional beer glasses are quite the rage these days. Between brewery tours and open houses and tasting rooms and the weekly glass night at the Flying Saucer, we have amassed quite the collection of beer glasses. So many glasses, in fact, that the kitchen redecorate included some shelves on which to display/store our growing collection. Here’s how THAT turned out.



The frog is my contribution

Let me make myself very clear by stating that I like displaying our beer glass collection, for the most part. And now let me make his-self very clear by stating that the husband is extremely possessive and almost fanatical about our beer glass collection. Some of the glasses he has acquired are ugly, in poor taste, and/or not very pleasant to use. But will he let me throw those out or even box them up for storage? No, he will not.

I also thought that by adding approximately 10 ft of shelf space that we would have plenty of cupboard space for glasses, old and new.


As you can imagine, unloading the dishwasher is an exercise in closest cupboard packing theory.

While I admittedly have a fondness for everyday glasses, including a few favorite beer glasses that I enjoy using, the husband has a fondness for specialty glasses. Specific beers are to be served in specific glasses. Martinis can only be drunk from martini glasses. Gin and tonics, water, and iced tea do NOT go in pint glasses (though, actually, they do go in pint glasses very nicely, thank you.) In other words, we have glasses spilling into every cupboard in the kitchen and almost every room in the downstairs.

The moral of this story? There is none. Absolutely nada. Yesterday, d#2 and I went to an estate sale. What did we see that we could not pass up? You guessed it, glasses. Two martini glasses for the husband, no less. Check them out. Have you ever seen anything so wonderful? So tacky? So screaming to be taken home?

They look like they've been doing donuts on the windowsill!

Here’s the conversation as we were checking out:

Estate sale lady:  Aren’t these cute! Perfect for the man who still thinks he’s a boy for drinking martinis.

Me:  Exactly. That would be her father (pointing to d#2).

D#2:  Um. That would ALSO be your husband.

Me:  Shhsh! I was trying to keep a degree of separation here.

Outed again.

Glass fetishes. Share them with someone you love today.

Your thoughts?

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