3 thoughts on “And Another Thing

  1. Well… now that you DO (did you know you cannot italicize a comment?) mention it, I am glad that you have a mug collection… I approve of all those that I had my coffee in!

    Lots of love and gratitude for the coffee

    • And I look forward to the next time we can share coffee! Sometimes I am quite envious of my sister and her ability to not form attachments to “stuff”. Do you get to see much of her when she is in India these days? I can’t remember how close you two are living to each other.

  2. Just thought of you… randomly… like that… in the middle of writing reports…. it may be appropriate to confess that my mind will generate any escape hatch to get out of report writing! I am glad it chose a thought of you…

    So just read your comment. Carol and I live about 2000 km away from each other. Not much by way of a direct flight, but not exactly your average hop into car and honk outside her gate kind of distance. I saw her in Jan and Feb when I was in Goa for two weeks. We spent my birthday and many other events together.

    How are you? … Cary, daughters, animals… also including the neighbourhood peacock who walked with Carol and me to Starbucks on our way to meet Dave Schmitt and Tammy.

    Lots of love.
    PS: I like that you read hard copies of books. Or wait do you have a secret Kindle/Nook stashed away somewhere?


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