A Perfect Confluence

This Saturday, Blue Willow is hosting Ronnie Crocker, a journalist and blogger at the Houston Chronicle, who has written HOUSTON BEER: A HEADY HISTORY OF BREWING IN THE BAYOU CITY. I’ve flipped thru the book and it looks pretty interesting and nicely done. The husband and I have been asked to supply the beer for the event. JOY!

We’ve decided to bring in as many of the Houston-based breweries offerings as we can find (which is not all the breweries due to the arcane alcohol distribution and sales laws in Texas). People are welcome to a bottle or two of their choice, but we also want to offer tasting-size glasses so people can sample a greater variety of beers and compare across breweries and/or across beer types. I’m hoping Ronnie Crocker will have a lot to say on the current supply of beers in Houston as well as the history of my beverage of choice.

So really, Books AND Beer?!? I love my job.  

Your thoughts?

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