Random Thoughts on Exercise

I’m in a frame of mind to work on getting regular exercise and get in (better) shape. Sometimes these frames of mind last about 24 hours. Sometimes they last longer and are even somewhat effective. Time will tell this time.  But since this is my current frame of mind, I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about exercise. Such as….

Having a mantra can be a good motivational tool. The only mantra I’ve come up with lately comes from an improv game. Basically the actors are doing a scene and occasionally the director interrupts and yells, “new choice!” The actor then has to change his last line and take the scene in a different direction. This could be a good mantra if used to vary my exercise routine, which is much-needed as I will explain below. Sadly, however, the mantra keeps popping into my mind as I’m playing racquetball where it obviously means that I have taken the wrong shot, or mis-hit the ball, or run to the wrong side of the court in mis-anticipation. “New Choice!” I bet I’d win more games if I could actually take some shots back and have redos.

On Monday morning, I got out of bed and my legs felt like jelly. My quads especially felt like they had been maxed out. What had I done? I did some yard work on Sunday, but nothing that unusual. Then I remembered. I was putting air in the tires of Eliot (my bike, for those who came in late) and I took him out for a TWO BLOCK test ride. TWO BLOCKS and my legs were aching the next day. Very, very, sad. All exercise is obviously not created equal. Regular racquetball and irregular yoga are definitely not enough for this aging body. New choice anyone?

Pedometers have come a long way since the little mechanical one that I got free in a box of cereal 10 years ago. I decided to buy myself a “real” one and work on the classic 10,000 steps a day goal. Yesterday I worked all day, mostly at the computer. A whopping 3,500 steps for the day. Today I played rball wearing the pedometer. I thought, this’ll be easy to hit 10,000 steps today. Go on, guess. How many steps in a game of rball? About 1,400. Sigh. And no, on a regular basis I do not play 7 games a day. Guess I’ll be joining the husband and the dog on their evening walks.

Daughter #2 and I have been trying to make at least one yoga class per week together. Having someone else to go with makes it much more likely to happen, for both of us. The only problem? The frozen yogurt place down the street. We’ve taken to renaming our evenings “froga nights.” We like to pretend that at least it is better than going out for Dairy Queen Blizzards.

Writing this post has at least allowed a new mantra to pop into my head. “Step to it!” Let’s see how long I can stick with that one.



Your thoughts?

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