What?!? There’s a tropical storm in the Gulf? But I haven’t done my annual hurricane preparedness check yet! Which actually means that I haven’t blogged about hurricane season 2012  yet. No time like the present they say….

I did buy three gallons of water the other day. That gives me six total. I read somewhere that you are supposed to have 14 gallons of water per person. If daughter #2 moves out and the husband goes away on a business trip, then I have enough for the dog. But if the dog drinks out of the toilets and the bathtub and I factor in the Gatorade that I bought and the beer in the fridge, then I think I’m good.

I HAD bought 2 extra jars of peanut butter, but the husband couldn’t find the open jar on the counter and he broke into the hurricane stash already. The bigger offense, tho, is that he didn’t offer me the first fingerful of the freshly opened jar. Is there anything better than that first taste of peanut butter out of a freshly opened jar? Not hardly.

So aside from 6 gallons of water, an 8-pack of gatorade and ONE jar of peanut butter, the hurricane supply box has 3 cans of tuna and one pound of GROUND coffee. I do learn some lessons. (In case you forgot this all important lesson….you may be able to boil water on your campstove, but if you only have whole bean coffee and there is no electricity to power your coffee grinder, it can be a very long morning.)

Speaking of campstoves, I think I know what is going to head the husband’s todo list tomorrow. Daughter #1 and SIL took the better of the 2 campstoves, in other words, the one that actually worked. Husband assured me he would get the remaining one in working condition before we actually need it. Not that we’ll need it because of Debby…

The flashlight supply is good, but the battery supply may need augmenting. Battery supply augmentation does NOT go on the husband’s todo list. He has this compulsion to buy batteries in bulk.

The important papers ziploc needs to be reorganized. The computers and most of our important electronically stored info are now backed up automatically to the cloud so I don’t think I need to worry about that this year. I need to check on our ability to recharge cell phones without electricity. I thought we got a gadget with a hand crank for that, but I’m not sure I know where it is.

I think that’s a pretty good thinking blogger’s start on hurricane preparedness. Especially for a tropical storm that isn’t expected to strengthen OR track towards Houston.  Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on it, just in case.

Your thoughts?

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