2010. Opening Day. (of baseball season, of course!) Minute Maid Park. Roof Closed. WHAT?!?!! I just KNEW that was a bad omen. I am all for indoor baseball in Houston for much of the season, but in April there is no reason to close the roof except for rain. I had high hopes for my beloved Astros that season (of course that is one of the most endearing aspects of baseball, every spring every team starts even and every fan hopes and dreams that this is the year), but somehow closing the roof on opening day angered the baseball gods and the Astros  still haven’t been totally forgiven. That day I decided I needed to build a baseball shrine at the house, to appease the baseball gods. Two plus years later, two plus years filled with baseball angst (including the unthinkable thought that the Astros really are going to the American League next year),  I am finally making peace with the higher powers.

I hope they’ll be happy now. I am looking forward to the second half of the season.

2 thoughts on “Homage

  1. I’m glad that those wedding vases continue to be put to good use around the house. Also, are those the Louisville slugger bats?

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