Political Confession

When I started this blog, I was pretty committed to avoiding the two grand no-nos of social conversation, politics and religion. But it is time to come out of the closet. I just can’t keep this to myself anymore. I must come clean.

I. Am. A. Moderate.

Yup, a moderate. As in, maybe I could actually moderate a discussion. Maybe I could actually see two or more sides of an issue. Maybe I don’t have to take an extreme position on absolutely everything.

The Texas run-off elections are today and not a moment too soon. If I hear the term “moderate” used to insinuate that a politician is a despicable form of human being destined to rot in Hell for all eternity (thought I might as well throw religion into this post, too, while I’m at it) one more time I might bludgeon someone to death with a wet piece of linguine. For the record, I’m voting for the dude who actually WAS kind of a moderate in his previous political life, hoping that maybe he will re-evolve into a competent, effective senator (is that an oxymoron?).

On a happier note, I did get another Republican National Committee survey in the mail today.  I just love filling those out and supporting the USPS by mailing them back on the RNC’s stamp.

Don’t think there’s much hope for my lesser-of-two-evil guys today. But I’ll vote. And I’ll keep voting and hoping the Texas political pendulum starts swinging back towards center.

2 thoughts on “Political Confession

  1. You MODERATE, you.

    You beat me here to a subject that was on my OWN list of “things about which I should write a post someday”. I’m not only tired of being screamed at for not being polar, I’m exhausted from having to hide that from people.

    The scarlet “M” on my chest doesn’t see much light-of-day … but now I feel New Hope. Dare to stand on the middle ground, people!

    • Looking forward to reading a blog post from you on this. And looking forward to maybe, someday, finding a political champion of the Radically Moderate Party. Hmmm, the RaMPs – there’s no place to go from here except up…

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