Storm Isaac

Tropical Storm Isaac is barreling towards New Orleans and I decided it deserved a noting on Thoughts From The Back, even though it looks like Houston is in the clear. Yes, I’ve been keeping an eye on it all along, but I never could get into full hurricane mode with this one. I didn’t much care that it was heading towards Tampa and the Republican National Convention. I am a MODERATE, remember? I started to care when it was heading towards Pensacola, but my mother-in-law is out of the area for a few weeks, and we haven’t reserved a Thanksgiving beach house yet. Then he just kept drifting west and it was time to pay attention.

Model consensus is definitely centering on New Orleans now, and the expected strengthening has been slow going fortunately. This will keep Houston on the dry, clean side. While most of Florida and the southern parts of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana will all see heavy rains if not devastating winds, Texas probably won’t get a thing.

Still I am paying attention for the next few days. With the trees around here still in a weakened state from last years severe drought, any kind of storm will bring down limbs which will in turn bring down power lines. I will keep the gas tanks on the full side of halfway and will keep the iPad and the cell phone fully charged. Maybe I’ll even freeze another jug of ice and store a few ziplocs of ice cubes. By the way, if you’re looking for a good read about hurricanes, I still recommend Isaac’s Storm  by Erik Larson. It is a non-fiction accounting of the devastating 1900 Galveston storm that reads like a novel. I finally got Daughter #1 to read it for the challenge this time and she gave it a thumbs up.

3 thoughts on “Storm Isaac

  1. The irony of an Act of God barrelling down on the city where the RNC (The Party Who Owns God Now Because They Say So) is beyond delicious. While I feel empathy for the Moderates and Commie-Pinko-Left-WIngers of Florida, it occurs to me that the Balance of the Voters Out There is getting, in very real terms, the visitation from the Almighty that they have steadfastly maintained should be theirs alone to enjoy —

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