New Reading Challenge

Today is September 1. That means it is time to post the Third Trimester Thoughts From The Back Reading Challenge, 2012 Edition. The goal is to read a book that fulfills  each of the challenge task requirements before December 31. Ten tasks, ten books, four months. If you complete all the tasks and send me a list of the books that you’ve read, I just might award you a spiffy prize. Daughter #1 completed the last challenge and her spiffy prize awaits her on her next visit to the parentals. Sound a bit daunting? Feel free to set your personal bar a little lower. Heck, just read a book, will ya? But for those of you who have requested the full challenge (OK, that would be two of you, D#1 and D#2) – here we go again.

#1 Book Ends  Read a book witha title that starts and ends with the same letter, or by an author whose full name starts and ends with the same letter.

#2 Sept 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day  Read a  book that contains the letter sequence “ARR” in the title.

#3 Sept 2 is National Beheading Day  Read a book with a “headless” person on the cover.

#4 October is Clergy Appreciation Month  Read a book featuring a religious leader or a holy person.

#5 October 5 is the 50th Anniversary of James Bond in Film  Read a book written by an author named James or Bond or with the same first or last name as one of the actors who played James Bond.

#6 November in National Novel Writing Month  Read an author’s first published book. (Or write a novel yourself.)

#7 November 6th is Marooned Without a Compass Day  Read a book with North, South, East, or West in the title or author’s name.

#8 December is Letter Writing Month Read a book written in epistolary format. And write a letter.

#9 December 9 is Look For an Evergreen Day  Read a book with a green cover.

#10 Keep Learning  This is the first fall I haven’t sent a child off to school in 20 years. Read a non-fiction book and learn about something.

There they are. As always, the tasks are posted under the reading challenge tab at the top of the blog for easy reference. Good luck and Good Reading!

Your thoughts?

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