Change is…change

As you can see, I decided to change things up a bit here at Thoughts From the Back by picking a new theme from the hundreds available at Word Press. The name of the old theme was “Light.” The name of the new theme is “Choco.” I’m hoping that I will here my blog calling to me,  saying “write me, write me” just like I can here any bit of chocolate in the house calling to me, saying “eat me, eat me.”

Not ready for this yet

Not ready for this yet

Also decided to change the part in my hair.  I am finding it surprisingly difficult to part my hair exactly down the middle of my head. For n years I just had to run a comb somewhere down the left side of my head, and voila! Maybe my face isn’t symmetrical…I remember reading years ago about studies that showed people found symmetrical faces to be the most attractive. I’m going to give this part moving a few weeks and maybe a haircut before I revert to my old ways. Once I can consistently find the middle of my head, maybe I will try the zig-zag part. What if I moved my part to the right side of my head. What if I change it up after every shower?

What if I just stick with changing the look of Thoughts From the Back….?

Your thoughts?

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