The husband is an inveterate multi-tasker. Often, but not always, this is a good thing. The one I totally don’t understand is the way he reads and watches TV at the same time. I don’t even like to read in the same room with a TV on, not to mention actively participating in both reading and watching. I long ago stopped trying to challenge him with questions about what was actually happening on the screen or the page. However, his mind does not always compartmentalize his multi-tasking quite so effectively.

Like many people nowadays, husband can’t just talk on the phone without also checking email or surfing the web. Many of our phone calls have ended with me saying, “I have better things to do than listen to your keyboard click and you mind ramble about what is on your screen right now.” Today’s conversation might be one for the ages:

After a lucid conversation planning our brewery and improv date tonight, husband asks if I can come up with the word he is looking for in something that he is writing…

Me: I’m not sure, try looking for a word with the thesaurus.

H: Isn’t that a dinosaur?(chuckle) (from him, not me) Let’s see,

Me: Find anything?

H: Well, I’m pretty sure I don’t need these blue sticks.

Me: Huh?

H: Pregnancy test kits.I hate these pop-up ads.

Me: I am pretty sure that husbands are NOT supposed to tell their wives that they are getting pregnancy test ads on their work computers!!

H: I don’t know why I am getting them.

Me: Aren’t those targeted ads? I’m getting a lot of car ads but that’s because I’ve been looking at cars for the daughter.

H: I don’t know! I think it thinks I’m a woman! Now I’m getting ads for Gain and Eukanuba! I hate this site!

Me: Pretty sure you’re not supposed to be telling me this. Did you find a word?

H: Not really. I’m going to the weather channel.

Good thing he’s taking me out tonight.

Your thoughts?

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