A New Favorite

Why don’t I listen to my friends?! It has happened again. After hearing Guru talked about and recommended for about a year now, husband and I finally visited the restaurant in Sugarland Town Square this past weekend. Guru – Enlightened Burgers and Crepes. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But what a perfect pairing! Husband was in the mood for a burger or pub food, in fact he was lobbying for a(nother) trip to the Flying Saucer (what a surprise!) I was in the mood for something….else.

The place is small and looks like an order-at-the-counter burger place, but it’s full service. Husband had a burger with jalapeno bacon and a side of sweet potato fries and I had a spinach and salmon crepe that came with a side salad. It was actually a normal amount of food at a reasonable price. AND they have a nice selection of local beers. They have some amazing looking/sounding dessert crepes, but we chose to drink our dessert across the street at the Flying Saucer. (Hey, I never said that there wasn’t a compromise involved.)

Not exactly in the ‘hood, but I’m confident Guru will be in the regular restaurant rotation from now on. So for my loyal readers who accompany us out to eat, be prepared to head to Guru. Don’t wait as long as I did to try it out.

Your thoughts?

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