Out of State

“Play Ball!” – Umpires everywhere

I was checking out the official Major League Baseball rules, and Umpires don’t actually say “Play Ball!” to begin every game, they just say “Play.” Now you know. Baseball starts when someone says so, not when anything actually happens. Not unlike the B&B road trip, which started officially today, but there’s no B or B until tomorrow.

We made it out of the state on day 1, something that doesn’t always easily happen when you start in Texas. We are in Texarkana, ARKANSAS, about 1/4 mile from the state line. A fairly uneventful 1/2 day drive. Didn’t see a single bluebonnet (unlike last weekend on the drive to Ft Worth), but there were wide swaths of a red-purple wildflower; don’t know that they’re not just some weed, but they were lovely en masse. We stopped at one roadside picnic area to switch drivers and because it had an historical marker. The historical marker was commemorating that the picnic area was historical because it was one of the first batch that was built along Texas roads back in the 30s. I always enjoy finding things that are gloriously self-referential.

Not much local flavor to report except that the lasagna pizza (think about it, it’s a brilliant melding of italian specialties) at Joe’s really hit the spot.

2 thoughts on “Out of State

  1. You’re on your way!! I love road trips, even vicariously, so please write everyday… You’ll have to describe ‘lasagna pizza’ a bit more before I can picture it… Right now I’ve got mozzarella on pasta…

    • Vicariously? Your life is one giant road trip! Lasagna pizza is ground beef in marinara sauce, ricotta and mozzarella cheese. So think lasagna but replace the pasta with pizza crust. Mmmmmmm.

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