If it’s Tuesday, this must be Ohio

“Holy Toledo!” – Milo Hamilton

We stopped for the night in Mansfield, Ohio, so it seemed the right day to lead with Milo Hamilton’s signature expression. The store bookclub is discussng The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach tonight. That is one of my favorite baseball books. If you like baseball and like character-driven novels, I HIGHLY recommend it. Wonder how the “Tough Broads” will like it…

Cary is posting pics from the trip on his facebook page, but I want to put a few of my favs here as well.

Can’t go near Memphis without a picture of the King.


Truly, the scoreboard at Greer Stadium rocks!


Today was mostly a driving day. We left Nashville in time to catch the Bowling Green HotRods game at 10:35 this morning. Just the two of us, about 20 adult fans, and 2000 school kids. Needless to say, the kids were clamoring for balls. After every inning infield warmup, the first baseman would flip the ball into the stands (no single A ballplayer can resist THAT many clamoring kids.) The kids had to head back to the buses after the 8th inning. The Hot Rods head out onto the field for the top of the 9th. After the infield toss-around, the first baseman turns to flip the ball into the now empty stands. Cary holds up his glove and miraculously catches the soft toss. Score! Our first free souvenir of the trip! And our first home team win as the Hot Rods scored in every inning and won 12-4.

We left Bowling Green about 1:30, and stayed on the interstates thru Louisville, Cincinnati, and
Columbus. Rain is forecast to cross our path tomorrow, so it may be a baseball-less day. Somehow I imagine we’ll still be able to find some beer, even if the next Flying Saucer isn’t until Raleigh. And, very importantly, I’m sure you’ll all be glad to know that husband and I are still talking to each other (civilly, even) after 4 days on the road together.

Your thoughts?

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