The Seasons and the Weather

“That’s the true harbinger of spring, not crocuses or swallows returning to Capistrano, but the sound of a bat on a ball.” ~Bill Veeck

Last night, we spent the last hour or so driving after dark. As we started off this morning, both husband and I noticed that we had driven out of spring. The redbuds had disappeared from the landscape and the trees had not leafed out yet. Guess it’s time to harken back to the days of my youth when spring was marked by the daffodils, we did see a few patches of those.

We also spent much of the day outrunning and then being chased down by a cold, wet front. We drove into Erie, PA just before noon, the temperature was 61 and it looked like they might get the 12:30 game in. By the time we found the stadium about 15 minutes later, the rain was falling, the wind was gusting and the game had been officially postponed. When the box office dude heard we were on a baseball road trip from Texas, he invited us in and walked us around the ballpark. Uht Field is a very unique park, squeezed into a downtown block. The park and stands are assymetrical, the second deck doesn’t even actually connect around behind home plate. The left field wall is actually the side of the neighboring hockey/basketball arena with a home run line drawn on it about 2 stories up. The have no outfield lawn areas, but the official seating capacity of about 3500 doubles with all the picnic tables and standing room decks. Can’t imagine we’ll ever get back to Erie to see the Seawolves play, but it was fun walking around and talking to the people who work there. When we left the stadium, the temperature had dropped to 40.


Since we had checked the weather forecast and knew that a rainout was likely, we had looked for other things to do in Erie. (True confession time – both the husband and I thought that the Erie Canal ended up in Erie. And we both wanted to see it, but not enough to drive all the way up to Buffalo. I just had to sing the Erie Canal song to myself all day.) What did we do before GPS phones and the internet? Drank less beer, that’s what. Husband found the Erie Brewing Company with a tap room that just happens to be open on Wednesday afternoons. We were the only ones there, except for the guy who was buying a couple of cases to take to a Greek Orthodox Monastery in upstate NY. So a couple who drove up from Texas was only the second best story of the day for the brewery employees. Somehow those little tastes of each beer turned into half glasses, and, well, there were two other varieties in bottles that we just had to try, and even I get chatty after that much beer and the host was a true extrovert like the husband and 2 1/2 hours later we stumbled out into the chill, found the recommended lunch spot, and I promptly settled in for a car nap while husband got us on the road to Ithica.

As he drove, he watched the outside temperature climb back up to 60. We switched drivers at a rest stop near Genessee, NY where our TX license plates got noticed and commented on by a local. So we chatted a bit and warned him that the front was probably on it’s way. As we were driving away, the rain and wind kicked up and the temperature again dropped almost instantaneously to 40. Gradually, we drove out ahead of it, the temperature rose and it was pleasant when we got to the hotel. By the time Cary went back to the car for something we forgot, it was raining and chilly again. I know I said I wasn’t going to blog about the weather, but it was a crazy weather day. Tomorrow, we will be in Cooperstown and the weather won’t matter. I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve.

Your thoughts?

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